Warehouse storage solutions

Safeguard your people, products and profits with a range of warehouse add-ons and accessories. Get a FREE warehouse plan today.

Warehouse add-ons

For maximum efficiency and safety

Warehouse add-ons play a crucial role in maximising efficiency, ensuring worker safety, and protecting equipment.

We offer a wide variety of warehouse add-ons and accessories Canada-wide, and our material handling experts offer FREE consulation and design support to help you meet your productivity and safety goals.

Warehouse accessory solutions

Protect your workforce, merchandise, and bottom line with a range of warehouse storage add-ons and accessories. Our material handling specialists are ready to add value to your project. Request a FREE warehouse plan today.

Warehouse accessories


Warehouse guardrails are essential for safeguarding personnel and assets by providing a protective barrier against accidental impacts from forklifts and other equipment, thus reducing the risk of damage and injury. Ideal to protect conveyors, staircases, worker areas, aisle ends, and more.
Warehouse accessories

Rack protectors

Warehouse rack protectors are a smart choice for preventing damage caused by accidental impacts from machinery, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring workplace safety. Ideal for protecting rack supports, rails, walls, offices, and other work areas.
Warehouse accessories

Mesh decks

Wire mesh decks are an extra level of safety and highly useful in warehouse pallet racking environments to prevent items from slipping, enhance safety, improve visibility, and optimise airflow. Used as an alternative or complement to safety bars, their durable construction makes them a valuable investment for maintaining structural integrity and minimising operational risks.
Warehouse accessories


Warehouse partitions are invaluable for segregating storage space while protecting personnel, inventory and equipment from accidents associated with moving machinery.

Available in wire mesh or sheet metal designs, they play an important role in streamlining operations and maximising efficiency.

Warehouse accessories

Storage lockers

Warehouse storage lockers provide a secure and organised solution to store valuable inventory and equipment, minimising the risk of loss or damage. By optimising space usage and streamlining access to stored items, these lockers enhance operational efficiency and facilitate inventory management processes.
Warehouse accessories

Safety bars

An essential component of any pallet racking system, safety bars help prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety by preventing pallets from falling through the horizontal beams and causing injury or damage, ultimately safeguarding both employees and inventory.

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Rely on experts

Our experienced team ensures that your storage systems are not only efficiently installed but also maintained to the highest standards, ensuring longevity and safety. 

With our end-to-end support, you can trust us to maximise your storage potential and productivity, allowing you to focus on your core business operations with peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

Yes.  We deliver full-service warehouse storage solutions coast-to-coast from our western (Edmonton) and Eastern (Moncton) locations.  

Yes, but if you don’t have a warehouse plan prepared, we’ll help you develop one - at no charge

Our experts will work with you to uncover your needs and make recommendations according to your industry, workflow preferences, and budget, ensuring an optimal solution for your operation.

It really depends on the project scope, materials & systems chosen, and sometimes even the supply chain.  That being said, we can better advise on this during the planning phase and apply our team of experts to get it done as soon as possible 🙂