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Our material handling specialists are ready to add value to your warehouse storage project, big or small. Talk to an expert and get a FREE warehouse plan today.


Design & planning

Expert planning and design for warehouse storage is essential for maximum space utilisation and workflow efficiency. 

Let our experienced team help you assess your needs, identify opportunities, and recommend the best-fit processes, systems, and engineered-approved plans for your project and budget, big or small. 

We’ll even assist with various supporting tasks such as building permitting, regulatory compliance, ordering, and shipping too.



Expert installation of pallet racking is crucial to ensure maximum safety and efficiency in warehouse operations. Our team of skilled professionals will assess your space, factor in load capacities, and adhere to industry standards, ensuring a seamless installation designed and engineered for your operational needs.



Maintaining your pallet racking is crucial to ensure the safety and efficiency of your warehouse operations. Regular maintenance helps prevent accidents, extends the lifespan of your equipment, and safeguards your inventory, ultimately optimising your storage space and operational efficiency.


Routine inspections of your pallet racking are indispensable for safeguarding both your workforce and your inventory. By diligently examining the structural integrity of your racks, you can detect and report early signs of wear, corrosion, or damage, allowing for timely repairs or replacements, less potential disruption, and reduced risk of accidents.


Repairing damaged warehouse pallet racking is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring workplace safety. By promptly addressing issues, businesses mitigate the risk of accidents, protect valuable inventory, and optimise their storage capabilities, ultimately maximising productivity and minimising expenses. Identified a problem? Let our team of professionals assist today.
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Set yourself up for success with fully-managed pallet racking solutions designed to help you streamline and grow your operation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes.  We deliver full-service warehouse storage solutions coast-to-coast from our western (Edmonton) and Eastern (Moncton) locations.  

Yes, but if you don’t have a warehouse plan prepared, we’ll help you develop one - at no charge

Our experts will work with you to uncover your needs and make recommendations according to your industry, workflow preferences, and budget, ensuring an optimal solution for your operation.

It really depends on the project scope, materials & systems chosen, and sometimes even the supply chain.  That being said, we can better advise on this during the planning phase and apply our team of experts to get it done as soon as possible 🙂