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Pallet racking systems

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Pallet racking systems

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Pallet racking systems excel in maximising storage space by efficiently organising large quantities of goods vertically, ideal for businesses with bulk inventory needs. Unlike warehouse shelving, pallet racking allows forklifts to access and manoeuvre palletized goods easily, facilitating faster loading and unloading processes, and increasing overall warehouse productivity. We offer pallet racking solutions Canada-wide, and our material handling experts offer free consultation and design support to help you meet your project and productivity goals.

Pallet racking solutions

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Single selective

Selective pallet racking is a popular, economical and versatile storage system that allows for a greater number of SKUs per square foot compared to conventional floor stacking.  Ideal for low-volume, high-SKU inventory, selective systems help maximise vertical storage and allow pallets to be individually accessible for easy picking.

Pallet racking solutions

Pushback racking

Ideal for high-volume, low-SKU inventory, pushback pallet racking is a versatile, high-density storage solution that allows for multiple pallets to be stored deep, optimising warehouse space while maintaining selectivity. Pallets are loaded on the top cart, then pushed back until all carts are used, with the last pallet resting on the rails. As pallets are extracted, the rear pallets automatically flow forward, allowing  for efficient loading and unloading from the aisle face. 


Carton flow racking

Carton flow pallet racking is a gravity-fed storage system for cartons and other individual items, which are loaded and flow on inclined rails, moving forward as items are retrieved from the opposite aisle for picking.  Ideal for fast-moving goods, carton flow systems help maximise vertical storage of numerous SKUs in a compact footprint, ensuring fast, accurate picking and optimal stock rotation.


Pallet flow racking

Pallet flow is a gravity-fed storage solution for pallets where they move along inclined roller or wheel tracks to provide automatic pick face replenishment, streamlining picking operations and enhancing warehouse productivity. Ideal for high turnover or dated goods, pallet flow racking offers a versatile and high-density solution for warehouses seeking efficient space utilisation, inventory tracking, and stock rotation.


Double deep

Double deep racking is a storage solution where pallets are stored two-deep, maximising warehouse space while maintaining accessibility. Ideal for warehouses with high inventory turnover and limited space, this system optimises storage density by allowing pallets to be stacked closely together in pairs, enhancing efficiency by reducing the need for aisle space and increasing storage capacity. 



Drive-in racking is a storage system where pallets are stored in lanes and accessed by forklifts driving into the racks, minimising aisle space and increasing storage capacity. Ideal for bulk storage of homogeneous products with low turnover,  its space-saving design and ability to accommodate large quantities of pallets provides a cost-effective solution for warehouses seeking to maximise storage capacity and efficiency.

Framing options to suit any need

Pallet racking is available in both structural and roll-formed steel, both with their own advantages and are suitable for different applications based on load  requirements, environmental conditions, and budget.
Framing options

Roll-formed steel

Roll-formed racking is fabricated from higher gauge, cold-rolled steel, and provides a more customizable and cost-effective storage solution suitable for a wide variety of warehouse applications.

Framing options

Structural steel

Structural racking is made from lower-gauge, hot-rolled structural steel components and provides a more robust and durable storage solution that is better suited for heavier pallets, harsher conditions a/o higher risk of lift truck impact.

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